Robotic Surgery

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
From routine obstetrics & gynecology care to emergency interventions at our state-of-the-art obstetrics & gynecology lab

Robotic Surgery

From routine obstetrics & gynecology care to emergency interventions at our state-of-the-art obstetrics & gynecology lab

Robotic Surgery

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Robotic surgery is the future of medicine. We use advanced computer integrated interphases and robotic-assisted systems such as the Da Vinci Si system at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai to provide our patients with top-notch care.

The surgeon controls the robotic arms with 3-D HD vision Endowrist Instrumentation and Intuitive Motion Scaling for filtration of tremors. This Replicates a high standard of surgery every single time

This method provides surgeons an Immersive view through tiny 1-2cm incisions.
They can overcome the limitations of the human wrist and reach inaccessible areas with ease.
Surgeons can work in limited space
With no risk of transmission of diseases
This is the only system that allows surgeons to operate while seated
It provides them with better ergonomics than traditional open and laparoscopic surgery.
There is reduced surgeon fatigue
It is a minimally invasive approach that is safe even for Obese patients

Keyhole surgery | Less pain | Less trauma | Less blood loss | Faster recovery | Shorter hospital stay | Less need for medication | Safe | Accurate and precise

Urology gynecology | General surgery | Cardiothoracic head and neck surgery | Bariatrics | Robotic urology procedures | Radical prostatectomy | Radical cystectomy | Partial nephrectomy / Radical nephrectomy | Adrenalectomy pyeloplasty | Ureteral reimplantation | Urinary fistula repair to facilitate successful completion of complex laparoscopic procedures | Advanced endometriosis | Complex layered suturing | Extensive clearance in malignancy | Precise dissection in sacrocolpopexy | Accuracy in tubo-tubal anastomosis | Gynecological oncology | Radical hysterectomy for cervical and endometrial cancers | Para-aortic and Pelvic lymph node dissection | Trachelectomy oophorectomy.

Robotic Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is robotic assisted surgery ?

Surgical robots are operating room machines completely controlled by skilled surgeons, who use hand and foot controls to manipulate the mechanical arms of the robots from a console near the patient.

What are the benefits to the patients ?

Robotics surgery  is a minimally invasive surgery ,involves smaller incisions than the traditional open surgeries.

You will have less blood loss during surgery, less postoperative pain and faster postoperative recovery.

Why is there less blood loss with robotic assisted surgery ?

The use of the robotic instruments means a more precise and less disruptive procedure.

Is robotic surgery safe and what is the long term outcome ?

Yes robotic surgeries are considered safe .it offers reduced tissue damage and reduced risk of infection.

Does a robot perform the operation ?

The robot does not perform the operation without the control from the surgeon .the surgeon goes through extensive training ,the surgeons hands guides the robots arms during the surgery to precise movements inside the human body.

Will i have pain after robotic surgery ?

A benefit of robotic surgery is that these procedures are minimally invasive and causes very less postoperative pain.

What are the advantages of robotic surgery compared to laparoscopy ?

Robotic console has high definition cameras so the surgeons view inside the abdomen and pelvis is clearer.also the surgeons depth perception is better because the view is 3-dimensional.control of instruments in robotic is better than laparoscopy which meand more precise movements and allows for easy suturing.

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